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Are you looking for CBD benefits in a fun, tasty edible treat? If so, JustCBD CBD edible gummies might be the fun, delicious treat you are looking for. We strongly believe that once you try our wide array of CBD edibles, you will fall in love, we have 5 different sizes and prices to fit everyone appetite and budget.

What’s your favorite candy flavor?

We have the biggest selection of flavors and sizes of CBD candy for sale on the internet. From your traditional multi-flavor gummy bear to your tangy and sour emoji’s there is a flavor for everyone. With affordable prices starting at $23.99 before discounts, you can rest assured to find a taste and type of CBD edible works best for you.

Are you looking for CBD Edibles for Sale?

Have you been searching the different website and CBD stores to find the perfect combination of taste and effectiveness in your CBD edible candy?
As one of the nations top selling CBD edibles brand, we got you covered. Our edibles have been written about in Digg, Mashable, Askmen, Brobible, BuzzFeed, Daily Caller, Daily Beast, Leafly, High Times, and many more sites. You can feel confident you are getting the highest quality CBD edibles available today.

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A common question we get asked what is the right dosing for CBD gummies. Dosing depends on several factors tolerance and weight; a typical adult will require 20-30mg of CBD per dose. You may need more or less CBD gummies to get the desired effect. If you prefer to use your body weight as a reference, it’s about 1-2mg of CBD per pound.
Once you receive your jar of our CBD gummies and open it to taste these CBD candy treats, once you take your first couple of CBD gummies, typically wait for 30-45 to feel an effect. CBD works differently for everyone; not everyone will get the desired effect they want with CBD.
We ship priority mail with USPS; this typically takes 3-5 business to get to the location. If your package gets lost in the mail notify us right away.

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