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CBD Pods

Vaping is the most common way people reap the natural benefits of our premium CBD oils. Packaged in disposable pods that each deliver a dose of concentrated CBDs, these vape oils make it easy for our customers to medicate discreetly when on the go. The vapor is odorless and the flavors are tasty. We carry the CBD vape oils in flavorful fruity selections, enthralling the senses with every inhale and inducing relaxation with every exhale.

We’ve removed 100% of the THC from the vaping oils, yielding elixirs that provide the healing and therapeutic benefits of cannabis without inducing a psychoactive “high”. This means you can vape the pods without worrying about becoming sluggish, tired or hungry. That’s right. These oils don’t cause munchies, hallucinations or cloudiness – Only gentle and natural pain relief + anti-inflammatory benefits.

Derived from hemp lovingly and professionally grown in optimal conditions, JustCBD oils are known for their purity and potency. Our CBD vaping essentials have earned quite the reputation among vape enthusiasts who are looking to take advantage of the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids without the groggy effects of THC.

A single pod contains 100mg of high grade CBD oil that’s ready for vaping. All you have to do is snap the cartridge into your industry leader vaping device, prime and puff. A luscious vapor pulls from the pod to provide you with a delicious vaping experience. To change or replace, snap off and snap on a new one.

Vaping pods are the perfect pick for those medicating with CBD when out and about. Choose from a blueberry CBD vape oil, mango CBD vape oil, pineapple CBD oil, strawberry CBD oil or watermelon CBD oil. Enjoy mixing things up? Grab yourself a variety of oils or one of each to mix-and-match flavors with your mood or cravings.

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