Using CBD For Seizures and Epilepsy


Amongst the many other great medical benefits of cannabidiol, many patients nowadays are using CBD for seizures and epilepsy. According to stats from the World Health Organization, over 50 million people are afflicted with epilepsy, many of which don’t respond to treatment. However, the growing scientific research around CBD shows that it can be a safe and effective way to treat epilepsy and seizures, even in many patients who don’t respond to other treatments.

In fact, CBD is so useful for epilepsy that even many parts of the world which ban CBD allow it for epilepsy sufferers. It has no harmful side effects and it’s easy to use- especially with the variety of CBD consumption methods available to patients today. Here’s a guide on using CBD for seizures and epilepsy.

Does Using CBD for Seizures and Epilepsy Work?

There’s a growing body of research on CBD and its many medical benefits. The evidence continues to show that CBD is a highly safe and effective treatment for many things, from pain and inflammation to anxiety and depression. Scientific studies also show that it’s particularly effective in treating epilepsy and seizures.

A 2018 study found that CBD treatment helped sufferers of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy. The researchers found a 41.9% reduction in seizures for those using 20mg of CBD a day and a 37.2% reduction for those using 10mg.

Another study found that using CBD reduced the frequency of seizures in sufferers of Dravet syndrome, another form of epilepsy. This once again shows that cannabidiol can be very useful for those suffering from various forms of the illness.

In addition to these findings, various studies have found that CBD has positive effects on the brain. It can help protect against neurological damage and improve overall brain health. All of this together makes it an ideal treatment for patients suffering from seizures.

Benefits Of Using CBD for Seizures and Epilepsy

While evidence shows using CBD for epilepsy and seizures work, users may wonder whether it’s worth it. But while some medications can be harmful, there are actually many benefits of using CBD.

CBD is a very safe treatment. In fact, studies regularly show that there are no adverse effects to the health. Those who worry about getting negative side effects from starting treatment can feel safe with CBD. What’s more, you can’t overdose on CBD and there’s no risk of addiction.

Cannabidiol also has a range of other benefits for your health. It interacts with your body and brain in many ways. As well as reducing seizures, it can also reduce stress, pain, anxiety, depression, and improve your heart health, sleep quality, and mental health. Using it daily has tons of health benefits, making it a worthwhile treatment.

It’s also a convenient treatment. There are various methods of consumption suiting all kinds of purposes. Whether you need something fast-acting, something discrete or something enjoyable, there’s an option for everyone. These treatments are also safe for people of all ages, so children and seniors alike can benefit.

How To Use CBD for Epilepsy and Seizures

If you’re looking for a way to buy and use CBD, there are plenty of options available to you. All of these are legal and safe to buy online. The method of consumption you use depends on personal preference- there are many which can work effectively.

CBD Tinctures are probably the most popular and accepted way to take CBD. It’s quick, easy, and effective. You use these products by applying a dropper of tincture oil under your tongue and holding it there for around half a minute. This will absorb the cannabidiol into your bloodstream and distribute the effects throughout your brain and body. The speed and ease of use make this a preferable method for all kinds of users.

CBD Vape Cartridges are a good option for those who enjoy vaping. These give you a way to inhale CBD without damaging your heart and lungs by smoking. This also works fast and gives you benefits for both your body and mind. Vape cartridges also come in many flavors and varieties, so there’s a lot to enjoy. Similarly, you can also use CBD Vape-Oil.

CBD Doobies are another option. You can smoke these to get all of the medical perks of CBD without getting high. These come in multiple flavors so you can mimic the feeling of smoking your favorite strains.

Edibles like CBD Gummies and CBD Dried Fruit are another good option that can suit anyone. They’re easy to take and you can even enjoy these tasty treats while reaping the health benefits.

There are a few other options. For instance, CBD Topicals are often used for their pain-relieving effects. However, these products don’t have any effect on the brain and won’t be effective for seizures.

How Should You Use CBD for Epilepsy/Seizures?

How to use CBD as a seizure/epilepsy treatment can depend on the method of consumption and your personal situation. Studies show that 10-20mg of CBD can help significantly in reducing seizures. This makes edibles and tinctures a particularly good method of treatment.

While CBD is very safe to use, it’s best to discuss how to use it with a medical professional. They can give you advice on the best dosage for treating your specific condition. Many patients also use CBD in conjunction with other treatments, helping them tackle the issue from multiple angles.

It’s safe and legal to buy CBD online and you don’t need a prescription, so you can try it without any hassle.


Cannabidiol is a great treatment for epilepsy and seizures. Many patients have found it to be highly helpful in treating their conditions- even in cases where patients don’t respond well to other treatments. It’s easy to get your hands on and easy to use, and science shows it can be very effective.

CBD also has a ton of other health benefits, so buying some to add to your daily routine can be a great boost to your overall wellbeing. There are plenty of options available and it’s easier than ever to buy it online and start using it.


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